2021 YouTube For Real Estate Agents - Master Course
Learn exactly (step by step) how to take advantage of the massive potential of YouTube to reach more buyers & sellers, generate more leads, build your brand and dominate your market!
Includes Certificate of Completion!

Last Updated 3/25/2021


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You'll Learn:
  • How to set up your YouTube channel (the right way) for maximum search engine visibility & branding effectiveness.
  • Our complete equipment guide will show you exactly the equipment you'll need (on any budget) .
  • How to quickly & easily shoot your own videos that look professional & get great results.
  • How to easily edit your videos while incorporating important items such as: graphics, music, "b-roll" footage, calls-to-action, logos and more!
  • Repurpose your videos for other popular platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & even Tik Tok!
  • How to utilize YouTube ads to target your perfect audience for just pennies per video view!
  • Learn to leverage YouTube to become a local "celebrity" and the top-of-mind agent in your market.
  • Learn to implement advanced marketing strategies using YouTube to get in front of sellers & buyers BEFORE they choose an agent.
  • How to put it all together to create an effective YouTube marketing plan to reach buyers & sellers, generate leads, build your brand and dominate your market!
Course Content
Lesson 1: Overview & Introduction - Getting Started on Your Journey to YouTube Mastery
Lesson 2: Setting Up Your YouTube Channel for Success - How to Do it the Right Way
Lesson 3: Complete Equipment Guide - Get Just What You Need to do the Job
Lesson 4: Filming Your First Video
Lesson 5: Video Editing Like The Pros
Lesson 6: Getting the Most From Your Videos - How to Share on Other Popular Platforms
Lesson 7: YouTube Ad Essentials - Your Secret Weapon
Lesson 8: Become a Local Celebrity & Dominate Your Market With YouTube
Lesson 9: Advanced YouTube Strategies for Targeting Sellers & Buyers Before the Competition
Lesson 10: Putting it All Together - Creating & Implementing Your Winning YouTube Strategy
Lesson 11: Skills Assessment & Certificate of Completion - Share Your Achievement with the World!
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Earn Your YouTube Marketing Certificate!
Become a YouTube marketing expert and learn how to leverage one of the most cost-effective & powerful real estate marketing tools of 2021!

This is the most comprehensive (yet straight-forward) YouTube marketing course for Real Estate Agents available, anywhere.

Whether you've never used YouTube before, already know the basics of online video promotion, or want to learn about the advanced features of YouTube advertising, this course is for you!
We will teach you complete YouTube marketing mastery, specifically for Real Estate Agents, in 10 comprehensive lessons that leave no stone unturned!
And once completed, you'll receive your certificate of YouTube Mastery, which can be displayed in your office, on your website & Social Media accounts and featured in your listing presentations!
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee