Brain Teaser for 10.7.22

Question: A seller stands on one side of a river, his Realtor on the other. The seller calls over to his Realtor, who immediately crosses the river without getting wet (and without using a bridge or a boat). How did the Realtor do it? Answer: The river was frozen!

Brain Teaser for 9.30.22

The answer is $400. (The first buy & sell transaction generated $200 profit and the second buy & sell transaction generated another $200 profit, for a total of $400.)

Weekly Roundup for 8.19.22

Life is good… Especially on a Friday! Before you saunter off into the weekend, you’ll want to check out this week’s Realtor’s Weekly Roundup. Here’s what’s inside: Breaking financial news for the week, including tons of housing data. Screech! Home Builders slam on the Brakes! Current mortgage rates as of this morning. Is your zip code 🔥 🔥? You need …

Brain Teaser for 9.2.22

Question: A Realtor describes her daughters, saying, “They are all blonde, but two; all brunette but two; and all redheaded but two.” What is the fewest number of daughters the Realtor could have for this to be true? Answer: Three!

Weekly Roundup for 9.2.22

“Nobody on the road, nobody on the beach. I feel it in the air, the summer’s out of reach.” – Don Henley In the blink of an eye, another summer is gone. Feeling a little melancholy? It’s OK, Labor Day gives us mixed emotions, too! But on the plus side, this holiday also marks the end of the lackadaisical home …

Weekly Roundup for 8.26.22

Happy Friday! Remember, weekends don’t count… Unless you spend them doing something completely pointless! It’s time to grab your cup of coffee and join us for this week’s Realtor’s Weekly Roundup. Here’s what’s inside: Latest Economic News—it’s all about Jackson Hole! Hispanic Home Ownership Trends in the U.S. Current mortgage rates as of this morning. Has real estate giant Compass …