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Stay Top Of Mind And Generate More Referrals With Branded Digital Newsletters
Turn your email list into real buyers and sellers by delivering them consistent, relevant, and entertaining content, each month!
  • Email is 100% your most-effective marketing tool. Hands down!

    Email marketing - done right - generates $42 for every $1 spent (an astounding 4,200% ROI). There's pure gold waiting for you in your email list!

  • But, you know your current emails aren't doing the job...

    At best, most agents send out carbon-copy emails that no one reads (or end up in spam). At worst, they give up and neglect their email list altogether, leaving money on the table!

  • We have the solution!

    Each month, we send out tens-of-thousands of digital newsletters that translate into real results for our clients. We can help turn you into a rockstar within your Sphere of Influence through our unique and entertaining digital newsletters!

We're experts at creating beautiful, entertaining & informative email newsletters that get results for our Realtors!

What Is A Digital Newsletter?
You've probably seen a digital newsletter or perhaps even subscribe to several already. Digital newsletters, like Axios and The Skinny, have rapidly taken off, quickly becoming one of the most popular methods for readers to receive information. Each month, millions of readers actively look forward to receiving their favorite digital newsletters. We are living in the information golden age. People want to consume as much media and information as possible!
So, why aren't you sending your clients and prospects your own digital newsletter?
Our Digital Newsletters for Realtors allows agents to send their email lists a self-branded digital newsletter with completely unique and entertaining content that keeps them top of mind with their clients and prospects.
No, this isn't boring industry news similar to what your brokerage provides that (frankly) no one reads. Our digital newsletters feature entertaining, useful, and relevant information that your audience will eat up, every month.

And best of all, we do all the work for you!

How It Works:
Our unique process is what sets us apart! We create engaging content that fosters connections and builds strong relationships. We are masters at our craft and want to help you to engage your audience with expert content. Here’s how the process works:
Step 1
Our team works with you to create a beautiful, professional email newsletter design.
We personalize your newsletter design with your logo, photo, company colors, contact information, links to your website and more!
Step 2
Each month, our professional team of world-class writers & designers create amazing newsletters that entertain, inform & delight.
We combine our original content with your personal branding to create a professional and impactful digital newsletter you'll be proud to share and your list will love to read!
Step 3
We upload your completed newsletter into your chosen Email Service Provider, such as Mailchimp or Constant Contact (we work with them all).
Your newsletter is ready to go. All you have to do is hit "SEND!"
Your contacts love your one-of-kind, monthly newsletters - boosting your brand, keeping you top-of-mind, generating new business & turning you into a rockstar within your Sphere of Influence!
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Our team creates expertly-crafted digital newsletters, completely done-for-you, once per month.

We customize your branded digital newsletters with your colors, logos, links and more!

We upload your custom digital newsletter into your preferred Email Service Provider (MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc.) All you have to do is hit "SEND."

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    "For years, I would send out my own emails, using a combination of my own written newsletters and content provided by my company, but it never amount to much more than a hassle and waste of time. It wasn't until I started having Today's Agent send out their Digital Newsletters that I actually started to get business from email and today email is one of my most cost effective ways to get more leads."
    - Julie H.
    Sotheby's International Realty
    Sedona, AZ